Enhance your media and telecommunications projects with RC Group’s innovative customized solutions!

Our group of companies operates under the flagship brandname « RC », which can be translated as “Network and Communication”, as an embodiment of our core values and credo.We are a leading corporate operator that provides services of expertise and solutions in telecommunications infrastructures.

Our offer is really wide and it fits all the market players’ needs and expectations in the sector of the Internet, fixed, mobile and satellite networks on the French domestic market.

From the very beginning of a project, RC GROUP can undertake all the steps attached to its final completion:

  • Providing expertise in the digital development of local territories
  • Designing a communications network
  • Building a communications network
  • Handling all the necessary technical changes due to a network’s swap and migration process (especially regarding the advanced 4G technology)
  • Managing home-based interventions (that includes device installation, device activation and device repair) to provide internet access services to final Clients and Prospects.

RC GROUP’s mission and finality is to connect as much institutional, individual and corporate Clients as possible to Internet and phone services delivered by the state-of-the-art optical fiber technology.

To complete our missions, we based RC GROUP’s performance on a wide array of assets and resources:

  • We constantly nurture our own high value-added skills and abilities in our field of expertise:
    • Inside our organization, our engineers strive hard to deliver excellent quality of expertise
    • Outside the organization, we managed an extended network of partners companies and subcontractors that can be operational anywhere in France
  • The company has developed its own critical information systems and its own internally developed applications to ensure productivity, security, cost and deadline management. Our proprietary applications are linkable to our Client’s information systems to provide a fully integrated solution.

Our group of companies is composed of all the following entities:

  • A.N.T. Conseil,  territorial digital development consulting firm,
  • R-Numeric, network design engineering unit,
  • R&C, network deployment, exploitation, corporate facility and individual home connection and control,
  • Opti’Cables, fiber optic deployment and final connections,
  • OptiCom, fiber optic works, civil engineering and maintenance,
  • Allo Numérique, media and telecom services to companies and communities,
  • R&C Accessoires, a market place dedicated to the sales of TV one-use devices,
  • R&C Services, multimedia services platform dedicated to individuals.
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